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Location Meets Mad Men

23 May

Minority Report is coming to a billboard near you.  Last week, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Luth Research,released their latest Mobile Consumer Briefing on the state of the union of location and advertising.  Here’s a summary of what they found talking to over 1,000 Americans: 91% of respondents have a mobile phone, with 26% of them […]


Brain cancer not linked to mobile phone use…yet.

16 May

It is the biggest research project in history on the subject. So it has to be right. It isn’t. Pressing that Blackberry to your ear an hour a day will not give you brain cancer.


Does TeleNav Suffer from Mapathy?

15 May

Mapathy.  If you are in location-based services, you suffer from it, too. This week, Vijay Kori of Raymond James, gave me a quick update on the map market. Location-based solutions provider TeleNav will cut the anticipated price of its planned initial public offering from an estimated $11 to $13 apiece down to $9 to $10 […]


You can lead an American to a smartphone but you can’t….

6 May

We Americans are pretty dumb when it comes to using our smartphones. Sybase 365 conducted a survey of mobile users recently.  US mobile phone users rank near the bottom in terms of use of smartphone services.  Less than 1 in 3 even use text messaging or IM.  Less than 15% use more advanced smartphone features. […]


Location Business Summit Europe 2010

4 May

It’s all about location for these LBS conferences.  Osman Iqbal, the European Director of TheWhereBusiness obviously knows this.  The Dutch say that if you only visit Amsterdam once in your life, make sure you visit on April 30.  Why April 30?  It’s Queen’s Day, the annual Dutch national holiday in honour of the late Queen Juliana’s birthday. […]