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2010: Wireless Roars back

25 Jan

According to my friend Bryan Rutberg at Rutberg & Company, a technology banker, last month (December 2010), 40 private wireless companies announced $352.7 million in new financings. Investments were primarily in the enterprise infrastructure, consumer application and carrier application sectors. There were also 27 M&A transactions announced during the same period, including Motorola Mobility’s acquisition […]


There’s reality and now there’s augmented reality.

18 Jan

CLO Quote: What one data element connects the real world with the augmented reality world? Answer: LOCATION! In an intriguing melding of the physical and the virtual, GoldRun has created augmented reality scavenger hunts based on location information. Their unique advertising campaign for H&M offers discounts to customers who visit H&M’s 10 Manhattan locations and […]