Archive | February, 2011

Feature Phones Rock

25 Feb

CNN recently reported on a staggeringly obvious, yet rarely reported, fact about cell phone users: in the US, 75% of people use feature phones, not smartphones; worldwide 95% of cell phone users have feature phones. CLO Recommendation: If you want to reach all wireless subscribers, you need mobile apps (powered by network-based location data) that […]


All you need is love…and location

14 Feb

Chief Location Officer News: Gartner projects mobile apps to generate $15.9 billion revenue in end-user spending in 2012; location based services apps will have 1.4 billion users by 2014. CLO Recommendation: If you don’t have mobile location on your product roadmap for 2011, add it now. Your competitors are doing so, and many have already […]


Gaga for Location?

8 Feb

Touchdown! Yes, in honor of yesterday’s Superbowl, I’m using football metaphors. So, what’s the touchdown? As reported in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, et. al, LOC-AID just secured major funding from private equity and venture investors, the largest amount in the history of the location-as-a-service industry. Our platform is built, and we’re connected into […]


Location and Lattes

1 Feb

Chief Location Officer News: Last week Starbucks rolled out a system that allows users to pay with their smartphones because the smartphones are where the users are. CLO Recommendation: If you are a consumer app vying for mindshare, consumer wallet, and brand appeal, you need location. Starbucks took a big step in m-commerce last week […]