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The Next Cycle: Top 10 Mobile Trends You Need To Know (+ 5 bonus trends)

2 Mar

My friend Jack Gold (Jack Gold Associates), has distilled the mobile hype into 15 elegant trends for 2011. While you probably know most, a few may surprise you, like the rising cost of carrier data plans (#3) and the continued pervasiveness of clunky laptops (#9). Bottom line: we’re speeding into an exciting time for mobile. […]


All you need is love…and location

14 Feb

Chief Location Officer News: Gartner projects mobile apps to generate $15.9 billion revenue in end-user spending in 2012; location based services apps will have 1.4 billion users by 2014. CLO Recommendation: If you don’t have mobile location on your product roadmap for 2011, add it now. Your competitors are doing so, and many have already […]