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How Financial Institutions Can Leverage The Mobile Opportunity

26 Sep

While retailers are starting to master the mobile marketing mix and create seamless omni-channel experiences for their customers, financial institutions and in particular retail banks, are still lagging behind. According to Online Media Daily, “some 40% of banking occurs on smartphones and tablets. While half of those consumers search for information, the remainder complete transactions […]


A CLO’s Take on the FTC’s Best Practices for Mobile Privacy Disclosures

4 Feb

Privacy has long been a buzzword in the world of mobile users, and regulations continue to adapt to the new abilities of smartphones. While phones used to have one sole purpose (making phone calls), today’s smartphones allow users to share detailed information about their lives, including their shopping habits, locations, and contacts. While this technology […]


GAME ON! Who will win the mobile gambling race?

30 Jan

As of August 2012, more than 50% of mobile phones in the US were smartphones and according to Horace Dediu of, the rate of adoption shows no signs of slowing down with a forecasted 80% market share by August 2014. So what does this mean for Chief Location Officers in the Mobile Gambling industry? […]


Location Matters… Privacy Matters Too

28 Jan

Location enables mobile commerce, marketing, social and search.  But privacy allows it all to happen.  Transparency, control and choice are key to any location use.  Every Chief Location Officer knows this.  Here’s a quick refresher: Rule #1: You need permission to locate a mobile device. Permission, often called opt-in (from our old email marketing days), can […]


What is the Return on Information (ROI) on tracking terrorists?

29 Sep

  Lawmakers and tech titans united?  What possibly could align such a crew?  War?  No.  The environment?  Sadly, no.  Citizen and consumer well-being?  Not exactly. Fear. Well, fear and greed.  Last month representative Zoe Lofgren presented a new bill that requires law enforcement to obtain a search warrant before accessing cloud data, such as email […]


350 Chief Location Officers Surveyed

9 Aug

M for Mobile recently surveyed over 350 top-level executives from different corners of the location industry to get a read on where the LBS industry is headed. The study bodes well for Chief Location officers, and for those companies currently on the Locaid Location-as-a-Service platform.  Read on to learn about the survey‘s compelling results. Question […]


Jon Spinney’s Tracker Keeps a Pulse on Location M&A

24 Jul

CLOs need friends in well-located places.  Here’s one of mine: tech entrepreneur Jon Spinney is the man behind this detailed Location Services Mergers and Acquisition Tracker .   Spinney, a location entrepreneur and guru now running LBS products inside of AT&T, has been tracking LBS M&As from as far back as 1999, when AOL acquired MapQuest for $1 […]


Googling Your Worker’s Location

23 Jul

Corporate “Chief Location Officers,” whether you live in the product, technology, ops or IT organizations, are both delighted and worried about mobile workers. And for good reasons. There will be 1.3 billion mobile workers within 3 years.  Small wonder that Google introduced a new business service, Google Maps Coordinate. It’s a workforce management app for […]


Mobile Sports Betting to Reach $45 billion by 2017

16 Jul

I’ll bet you don’t know how big the mobile gambling market is.  In a word, huge.  And it’s coming to America.  In the UK, mobile gambling has been around for a while.  With the explosion of smartphones and tablets, it’s taking off.  A new report shows that 40% of online bets placed in the UK […]


Location is Fierce

20 Jun

This morning, FierceWireless announced that Locaid was among the winners of the 2012 Fierce 15, an Editor-chosen list of privately-held, well-funded and emerging companies in the tech industry. “Locaid’s LBS platform helps developers integrate location into their apps and perhaps more importantly, monetize it,” said Sue Marek, Editor-in-Chief of FierceWireless. In their words, Locaid sits […]