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Take Scissors to Your Smartphone: Mobile Coupons to Hit $43 Billion

15 Jun

Do you remember cutting coupons? I do.  When I was a teenager I cut them for Mom and pocketed the savings for a new bike (from Sears, a ten speed that weighted fifty pounds).  For most (and anyone reading this blog), paper coupons are ancient history. Who has time for that anymore?   Turns out, anyone with […]


Marketing of the Future: Knowing Who you are and Where you are.

8 Jun

It’s already proven that shoppers prefer stores with a mobile app, and that location-based mobile ads are the new hot-ticket for bringing in business.  LBA (Location-Based Advertising) has arrived. Don’t believe me? A recent study by Berg Insight forecasts that location-based ads on mobile phones will drive 28% of all mobile marketing dollars by 2016.  […]


Earn a Merit Badge in Location

20 Mar

I was a cub scout in 1969.  We had compasses back then, but I was deprived.  The floppy disk, the word processer and video games were not yet invented.  How times have changed.  Scouts today can earn so many new cool badges, including a geocaching merit badge. That’s right, the Boys Scouts have gone location, […]


The Best Mobile Gifts for the Naughtiest People

22 Dec

There are those people on your list that you’d love to get just the right gift—but those gifts can be so hard to find. You know, the one that truly demonstrates how you feel about them. Here are some ideas for the best mobile gifts for the people on your “Naughty List” that you can […]


Location Goes Indoors

16 Nov

Finding someone on a smart phone is a no brainer. Trying to find someone who has gone indoors with a smartphone is a challenge because they need a direction connection to the GPS satellite. For indoor retailers wanting to tap into the location-based marketing revolution, this is a problem. Looks like a company in the […]


Location-Based Dating: Love Online and Wherever You Are

29 Sep

I wasn’t much of a dater back in the day. I tried to get hooked up, ask girls out, but my nerd factor was off the charts. Now that nerd is the new cool, well, it’s a little too late for me.  But so many of you are still young and single, and you are […]


The Paperphone

16 May

Smartphones now bend like paper. CLO Advice: Location is the single most important data export from your mobile device, whether it be a feature phone, smartphone, or now, “paper-phone.” A prototype flexible smartphone made of electronic paper and created by Canadian researchers, can do all the things bulkier smartphones can do such as make and […]



29 Apr

It locates all phones, from the latest iPhone to the old flip phones. Those “old” feature phones are still 75% of the market, so if you’re rolling out a solution that needs to locate everyone’s phones and fast–you need network location. It finds more devices. Not just smart phones and feature phones, but also laptops, […]


Back to our roots: Saving lives using location-based services

6 Apr

Chief Location Officer News: Location-based services started out in emergency response, and it’s continuing to play a vital role there. LBS has compelling uses in disaster recovery, from planning to coordinating the efforts of aid personnel on the ground to search and rescue. CLO Recommendation: It’s not just about fun and games. Real world LBS […]


Right click, wrong link

28 Mar

The 800 folks at Harris Interactive just completed a mobile survey with alarming, not but surprising, results. It concerns mobile ads, the ones the size of that tiny screw that keeps your eyeglasses together. Every time I click on an ad from my mobile device, it is my accident. Then I spend fifteen seconds beep-beep-beeping…backing […]